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New - Soldering Masks manufacturing

This site provides detailed, up to date information and news on the products we offer, together with the facility to place orders by e-mail or Fax, or to e-mail us for more specific information, any time, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

Our specialization is Large Scale model aircraft kits of the aircraft of Central and Eastern Europe – Czechoslovakia, Russia, etc.

RMK-models produce high quality wooden kits for the discerning model building enthusiast. High quality wood selection combined with perfect wood cutting and well thought out airframe design makes for a builders delight!

We are the importer and dealer of CNC milling and cutting machines and accessories for Step-Four here in the UK.

We offer the maintenance and repairs of Step-Four products and the training of employees who will operate STEP-FOUR products.

Through years of experience, STEP-FOUR are able to offer machines that meet the highest standards of quality and precision while providing an excellent price/performance ratio.

RC Combat models from Stein model.

ARF models from Topmodel CZ

Scale and Aaerobatic models from Zedek - model

Scale sailplanes from Karel Vagenknecht

MINTORI engines are considered the Ferrari of model airplane engines. Each engine is hand built and assembled to exact tolerance each and every time. Mintori do not use assemble lines. This assures the modeler the best in quality from every engine.

SebArt - World-class radio control models designed by top Italian pilot Sebastiano Silvestri. All of Sebastiano Silvestri designs perform superbly in both precision and 3D flight.

Models produced from EPP by CNC technology with a very modern and dynamic Airbrush design. These aerobatic and 3D models with very pleasant flying behaviour are suitable for advanced pilots and beginners also.

And also

Xoar propellers